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Biosynthesis Method, developed by David Boadella.

This approach to Somatic Therapy (Soma-Body) is that we exist on 3 different levels (physical, spiritual/mind and emotions/soul). The Biosynthesis Method tries to connect these three aspects of being, to be in the flow of life. Disconnects happen through personal trauma, disease and accidents or emotional hurts and upsets. With the Biosynthesis Method or Somatic Therapy the therapist provides the space to experience new things within the boundaries that represent what the client is capable and willing to do at any given time.

Somatic Therapy meets the client, where he or she is at this particular time, and allows the client to move at his or her own speed. It's Psychotherapy but adds the bodily component, looking at gestures that might come up and can help unravel the hidden truth. Movement can be helpful as well. We might even explore drawing or painting - music could be another way to unlock what holds us back to embrace our destiny.

Somatic Therapy is for the heart, mind, body and spirit in a safe, healing environment.

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"Therapy for the heart, mind, body and spirit in a safe and healing setting" BIOSYNTHESIS INSTITUTE