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QuestionWhat is Biosynthesis?

AnswerBiosynthesis means 'Integration of life - Biosynthesis is Somatic Psychotherapy (Soma = Body, Psychotherapy = Healing the Soul) that looks to the body for clues for where there are blockages that cause stress.

The desired outcome is to reestablish a sense of wellbeing and ultimately release tension from the body to reduce stress. This allows the client to cope with life challenges with greater ease.

By understanding why certain experiences were stressful, they learn to appreciate them, for what they are. They also learn that certain coping mechanisms that served well in the past can be changed and adapted to new situations, with new outcomes.

Through trauma, disease and allergies there is a disconnect between body, mind, spirit and soul. This can cause a multitude of problems/symptoms, which include obesity, arthritis, migraines, anxiety, just to name a few.

The Therapist will work with the body, observing movement and gestures to bridge the gap between the three levels of existence: Body (mesodermal level), Spirit/Mind (ectodermal level), Breathing/Sensations/Emotions (endodermal level).

The result for the client, is to become aware of the body, relax and recognize their potential. This frees from bondage, disconnect and false beliefs. It provides the client with a positive feeling of being able to embrace their inner potential and live the dream that never seemed possible or unattainable. With Biosynthesis/Somatic Therapy, fear and worry will subside, allowing them to be centered in the flow of life.


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